PiMT, Washim

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College Code: - 1267

S.No Name of the Lab Description of the Lab Equipments Available
1. SOIL MECHANICS LABORATORY The student acquires the capacity to test the soil to assess its Engineering and Index properties Set of Sieves Andreason Pipette Stand Liquid Limit Device - Motorized Penetrometer for Soil - Digital Shrinkage Limit Set Pycnometer Core Cutter Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus - Small Compaction Test Apparatus – Light, Heavy Proctor Penetrometer Permeability Apparatus Sampling Tube (38mm dia x 200mm long) Split Spoon Sampler without Liner Relative Density Apparatus Split Spoon Sampler with Brass Liner Triaxial Apparatus Consolidation Apparatus – Three Gang Electronic Direct Shear Test Apparatus - Electronic Universal Triaxial Cell for 38, 50, 75 & 100mm dia samples
2. HYDRAULICS LABORATORY Student will be able to verify the principles studied in theory by conducting the experiments Bernoulli’s theorem – Verification Apparatus Flow measurement open channel flow- Flow measurement in pipes Venturimeter & Orifice meter with U tube manometer fixtures like Valves, collecting tank Reciprocating pump assembly with accessories Jet Pump Test Rig Self Priming Pump Test Rig Centrifugal pump assembly with accessories Submersible Pump Test Rig Gear Pump Test Rig Pelton Wheel turbine assembly with fittings & accessories Francis turbine assembly with fittings & accessories Kaplan turbine assembly with fittings & accessories Pitot tube assembly Almech Turgo Impulse Turbine test rig (1 HP capacity) with all accessories Meta Centric Height Setup Orifice and Mouth Piece Apparatus Hydraulic Flume (Adjustable Channel-open channel flow) apparatus with all accessories
3. ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY Includes the list of experiments to be conducted for characterization of water and municipal sewage Digital pH meter Digital LED turbidity meter Muffle furnace Hot air oven Water Bath Dessicator Silica Crucibles BOD Apparatus COD Apparatus Chlorine Comparator Digital Conductivity meter Digital Spectrometer
4. CAD LAB Drafting and designing Auto CAD Staad Pro ETabs
5. SURVEYING LABORATORY To teach the art of measuring measurements of the relative positions of the natural and man-made features on the earth’s surface and presenting the information either graphically or numerically. Electronic total station (SOKKIA) Vernier Theodolite Auto level with aluminum stand Plane table set with accessories Prismatic compass 125 mm Cross staff with poles Measuring chain
6. STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LABORATORY Students require knowledge about the strength, characteristics nature and other details about the various strength of materials (steel / Copper / Brass / Aluminum) such as compression, Tension, Flexure, Hardness, Impact Strength, Torsion, Young’s modulus. Universal Testing Machine (100 T Capacity) Torsion testing Machine Spring Testing Machine Rockwell Cum Brinell’s Hardness Testing Machine Vicker’s Hardness Testing Machine
7. CONCRETE & HIGHWAY ENGINEERING LABORATORY Students require knowledge about the quality , strength and other details about construction materials , mortar and concrete Compression Testing machine 400 Ton capacity Longitudinal Compressometer Concrete Vibrating Table 1 m x 1m Flexural Testing Machine Vee- Bee Consistometer Flow table Apparatus Compaction factor test Electronic weighing machine 100 Kg capacity Lab concrete mixture machine tilting type C.B.R Test Apparatus Ductility testing machine Hot air oven Marshall Stability and Flow value test apparatus Centrifuge extractor